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10 Things to Know When Hiring a Cleaning Service

Paramount Trust
Trust is very important and Paramount Clean believes that trust should be won or lost in the beginning. The cleaning service you are considering must demonstrate to you that trust will never be an issue or in question at anytime.

Meet with a senior representative from the cleaning service you are considering to hire who you can contact directly after hiring their service for any questions, issues, or changes that may arise in the future and will be available to meet you when need be in a timely fashion.

Communicate the quality of service, questions, concerns and all expectations to the prospective cleaning service you are interviewing. A cleaning service who values your business will address all questions, concerns, and explain all features, benefits, and values they have to offer to you and your business.

Always get a written proposal that lists, but not limited to the following:

  1. A detailed description of services.
  2. How long is the proposed price guaranteed?
  3. Are there, and what will be considered additional services and charges (if any)?
  4. Are all equipment and supplies included in the price?
  5. What is the length of contract?
  6. How often, and what time services will be preformed?
  7. When are payment due dates?
  8. Are there cancellation requirements (if not happy with the service)?

In the final analysis COST is always one of the deciding factors for the customer, and the cleaning service. Many cleaning services may give you a cheap price to make you happy for a day, only to be left with a budget to move the dirt around your office. To avoid this dilemma the customer must recognize this and in return be willing to pay a fair price for a great service to a reputable cleaning service.

Request a few references of current customers from the cleaning service you are considering. Inquire from the references, how long they have been providing services to them. Were there any issue with trust, safety and security? Are their officers and employees courteous, well trained and organized? Are they happy with the quality of service they are receiving?

Security must always be an intricate part of the cleaning requirements between the customer and the cleaning service and should not be compromised or taken for granted at anytime by either side. A comprehensive security plan should be established in advance and designed as follows but not limited to: when will the cleaning service arrive while they are their cleaning, and when they are leaving the facility what sections should be closed off, what internal doors should be locked, what alarm should be armed, emergency contacts (principals and phone numbers) for employees showing up with no keys and want to get in, customer employees working late and when the cleaning service finishes cleaning and have to leave.

Discuss with the cleaning service you are considering if their employees and officers are trained and experienced in the type of cleaning your facility will require. Inquire about safety and procedures the cleaning service and their employees will be following, are all equipment and supplies that will be used are environmentally friendly and will not create any indoor or outdoor pollutions and all OSHA recommended guidelines and requirements will be followed and in return will help to create a safer places for all.

24/7 Service
Hiring a cleaning service who provide a twenty-four (24) seven (7) days a week services will be an added feature and benefit to the customer such as emergency clean up, construction clean-up, last minute meetings with clients, weekend services and more that will require a cleaning service to be flexible and available for additional visits and services.

The final Decision
Choose a cleaning service you are comfortable and confident with and who has met or exceeds all your expectations.

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