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Thank you for visiting us at the Paramount Clean web site and considering us for your cleaning services. I would like to introduce myself and tell you about Paramount Clean, what makes us different from the competition and how your business and it's principals can benefit from the fantastic service we offer and the exceptional people who make it possible with Paramount Clean.

My name is Phil Geborde, over 20 years ago, I started my office cleaning company on trust, integrity, price and service that is still paramount in my company today. And on a simple idea that still separates us from the competition today, to go in after the competition have shown up and moved the dirt around there customers offices and clean up after them.

Paramount Clean's FREE consultation service has been providing specialized cleaning solutions for many years to businesses who had a need in finding a great cleaning service with the right leadership, price and service, who can meet or exceeds all their cleaning needs and have found this and achieve all their goals by using Paramount Clean's FREE referral service without having to go through another unacceptable cleaning service with more broken promises.

Paramount Clean's signature service was created and has become the cleaning solutions for our customers and their businesses who continued to experience an innovative professional cleaning services from us. Giving Paramount Clean and our associates the opportunity to provide a guaranteed great service for all your cleaning needs you can expect and receive the same proficiency, care and dedication we are committed to providing to all our customers.

I thank you again for considering us at Paramount Clean for all your cleaning needs and will be looking forward with my associates to meeting with you to discuss our signature service and the value and benefits we can provide to you.

Thank you,
Phil Geborde

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